March 18

Hack #1 Use Conditional Logic to Ask the Right Questions



You can easily show or hide something to a website visitor on your forms once they select something that triggers this.

With Smart Conditional Logic, you can customize forms by having fields automatically show or hide other fields depending on a user’s selection.

For instance, you may want to invite someone to write a review only if they give you a high rating on a survey form.

Or, set up an extra field to appear when someone selects ‘Other’ in your form. In that case, you’d show another field.

On the other hand, it may be beneficial to hide fields. For example, maybe you only need one way to contact your users: an email address or a phone number. Once they start filling out their email address, you can set the phone field to be hidden automatically, and vice versa.

You can even take it a step further with creating multiple conditions by using AND/OR logic.

And it’s much easier than you may think.


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